Setting Up Your Shopping Cart (Optional)

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Why Use Shopping Carts:

Carts, especially ThriveCart allow you to create a very nice user experience as they purchase your product.  They also help you automate the entire process centered around the purchase and linking the buyer to the buyer list in your autoresponder.  In many cases you can also automate the removal of your buyer from an initial purchase list if the buy the upsell.

On top of that you’ll now have all your customer data in one place.  This is super valuable as you can export it when you have enough, run a “Pivot table” in MS excell and get your real Long Term Customer value!

They are also totally optional if you are on a budget.  Remember: start where you are and grow as you earn!

Note On Carts: With ThriveCart and others you will NOT need to set up products inside of Stripe or PayPal.  You’ll set up the products inside the cart and the cart does all the work for you.

Alternative Cart + Page Builder: ClickFunnels

Alternative Cart: UltraCart

Remember: When offering an “Upsell” as part of a purchase based sequence (ie low cost 1st book into boxed set or next in series) keep the upsell as an upsell in the cart.

When offering an upsell as part of a lead based sequence you’ll want to set up that as it’s own product.

How To Integrate ThriveCart With Your Autoresponder:

Steps For Integration:

  1. In TC click the Gear/Settings icon in the upper right
  2. Click on “View” in the “Integrations” area
  3. If installing payment gateways click on “View Settings” under Payment Gateways
    • Follow simple instructions for linking your accounts
    • If you want Apple Pay you must first link Stripe
    • Once Stripe is linked you may click “Setup” for Apple Pay
  4. If installing autoresponders click on “View Settings” under Autoresponders
    • Follow simple instructions based on the autoresponder you are using