Set Up Your ClickBank Account & Links

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Your Unique Affiliate Link:

This next part is super simple.  All you do is register for your free ClickBank account and then use the username you create to personalize your “hop” link.  A hoplink is just a fun way of saying affiliate link.

Just replace the word AFFILIATE with your unique login ID.  Once you do that make sure to test the link to see if it works!

It should take you to the sales landing page for Ultimate Bookselling Masterclass.

Cloaking Your Link:

A lot of time it’s just a bit weird to have a “hop” link lying around all naked like.  To get some extra tracking in there you can use “shortening” services like and the like.  If you’re using WordPress you can upload a free plugin called “Pretty Links”.  That’s a great little free blog software that will redirect folks through your hoplink.