Part 5: Bonus Income Stacking

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What Is “Income Stacking”?

Income stacking refers to the adding in of multiple income streams to your existing author business.  The reason it’s a good idea to focus on is because you can much more rapidly hit your income goals by offering more than books.  Clearly if you’re in this class books are your #1 push to get you to the life you want, but it totally doesn’t hurt to diversify just a touch.

In this bonus module you’ll learn some very simple, easy to implement tactics that are totally ethical, fully legal and can very much help a lot of people out if you chose to use them.  (AKA you can have your cake and eat it too)

What you are going to learn you can use with any industry, any genre and with just about any quality product that is willing to give you a commission for referring a sale.  The examples shown here are done using Ultimate Bookselling Masterclass, but you are under no obligation to use this program only.  Pick anything that tickles your fancy.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

We’ve already broken down the basics of affiliate marketing in business model 5, but in this case it is YOU who will become the affiliate.  The main benefit here is that you have to spend zero time creating something to sell.  This is great because if you’re new at this, creating a product of your own can often be confusing and take months to get right.  When you’re an affiliate all you do is go through another person’s stuff, come up with an opinion on it, grab a link and write a blog post.

How Much Can You Earn?

As with everything earning potential is 100% up to you and how much effort you put in.  There are some affiliates who earn $0 and others who earn multiple millions.  I got my start in affiliate marketing, in fact I’ll be teaching you very similar techniques to what earned me my first sales!

Using the example of UBM, as this course pays 50% of each sale ($198.50 gross), you could earn an extra $72K/year simply by referring one sale per day.  How hard is that?  It totally depends on how hard you dive in and if you’re willing to make adjustments to your process based on the behavior of visitors.  (AKA exactly the same stuff you’ll be doing to grow your publishing business!)

The affiliate platform I use is one of the oldest and most trusted: ClickBank.  What you’ll come to know and love about these folks is the same thing everyone comes to know and love: They are totally free to join as an affiliate, wire the money every Wed into your bank account and when it’s there it’s 100% yours.  Well, you have to pay your taxes and stuff like any normal person, but when they pay you you are paid and that’s that.  No shenanigans.

And on the vendor end (like somebody selling a product) they take care of all the accounting.

Everything about them is fully automated, works like a champ, and is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my business.  I’ve been with them since 2006 and have sold multiple millions of my own products as well as been a super affiliate for others.

And now… it’s your turn to learn how to do all this stuff!

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PS: I’m a big fan of practicing what I preach and YES!  That is an affiliate link 😉