Turn Your Audience Into Targets

Make sure you have set up a FaceBook business account.  Click here and follow their instructions. (very simple!)

How To Eliminate Targets From Your List:

The video doesn’t show this very well but if you want to get rid of a target from the list you’re building simply mouse over it and click the “X” that shows up to the right.  If you want to delete the whole list you can click the “X” at the very top of it and everything will be deleted and you can start from scratch.

Total Audience Overview: There are many different levels of audiences.  The ones you saw in this video are called “Cold Audiences”.  What that means is these people like authors/books/series that may be in the same genre as your works but the people have have no experience directly with you.  For most authors who have not built a responsive platform this will be where you start.  The goal is to evolve into using “Warm” audiences.  Warm audiences can be build from your most active & engaged fans.  From your FB fan page to your email newsletter and soon to those who buy your books directly with a record of how much they spend with you.  That’s called “Long term customer value” and it is a HUGE boost in building more audiences.